Gas Explosion Injury

Propane and natural gas are commonly used around the home and in industrial workplaces. These products are highly combustible. We rely on our gas companies to safely install and maintain the equipment that stores and uses propane or natural gas.

When safety mechanisms fail, the result can be a disastrous propane or natural gas explosion. These explosions almost always result in serious burn injuries or death.

Gas explosions can be caused by:

  • Leaking propane tanks
  • Improperly installed kitchen appliances or water heaters
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Defective gas control valves
  • Negligently maintained storage tanks, pipelines, or household appliances
  • Leaking gas hoses
  • Defective gas connectors

Information About Your Legal Rights After a Gas Explosion

Gas explosions are frequently caused by negligent or careless actions on the part of a private or public gas company. After a gas explosion that causes serious injury or untimely death, the survivors are encouraged to seek advice about their options to pursue legal action against the responsible party-usually a gas company.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., our gas explosion lawyers are highly experienced handling all types of personal injury cases, including natural gas explosion injuries for victims and their families. Contact us today for information.

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