Taking Legal Action Following a Fatal Accident

Milwaukee Fatal Car Accident Attorneys

It is an unspeakably painful thing to lose a loved one in a car accident. No amount of money can bring back your family member or take away the grief you are experiencing.

We realize that no lawyer can make things better. We also realize that financial realities don’t go away when there has been a death in the family, especially when your loved one was an income earner. The Milwaukee fatal car accident attorneys at our firm are committed to helping families obtain the financial compensation they need to help rebuild their lives.

Helping Families Who Have Lost a Loved One

The attorneys of Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, work with families who have experienced unimaginable loss. Our three attorneys have nearly 90 years of combined experience litigating cases related to catastrophic injuries caused by another person’s negligence, including serious car crashes and wrongful death claims. We can help you answer difficult questions like:

  • How long will it take to settle the lawsuit or, if it goes to trial, to reach a verdict?
  • What will happen to the driver who caused the car crash?
  • What if a drunk driver caused the collision?
  • Who will pay for medical bills and funeral expenses?
  • How will we replace the lost income from our family member?
  • How much compensation will we receive?
  • Why isn’t the insurance company being more helpful?
  • Will our case be handled differently if the accident was caused by the driver of a truck or another commercial vehicle?

As you consider your choices, we encourage you to look at the major verdicts and settlements our firm has won on behalf of our clients.

Free Case Evaluation | We Will Listen to You

When you contact Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., our attorneys will not presume to fix the difficulty you are experiencing. We will try to be supportive and helpful as we listen carefully to your concerns. We have represented countless families in many fatal car accident cases.

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