Car Fire Injuries in Milwaukee

Red car on fire with flames coming out of engine hood in outside area

Car fires are one of the primary causes of serious or fatal burn injuries in the United States. Car fires are especially dangerous because they can produce toxic gases as well as high-intensity heat.

Drivers and passengers are at risk for suffering burn injuries if they are involved in a car accident. Often overlooked, however, is the fact that emergency responders-including firefighters, police and emergency medical technicians-are also at risk of burn injury when responding to a vehicle fire. Our burn injury attorneys work to ensure those that are injured receive the care and compensation they need.

Seeking Compensation After a Car Accident and Burn Injury

After such a serious injury, questions of financial compensation become important. Health insurance may not cover all of your medical costs, and you may be out of work and lose income to pay bills. Burn injuries often result in scarring and disfigurement, sometimes requiring plastic or reconstructive surgery. There are many other costs associated with a burn injury.

Depending on the cause of the car fire, the burn injury victim may have several different sources to turn to for financial compensation:

  • Your car insurance policy
  • A workers’ compensation insurance claim if you were injured in the course of your employment
  • A private personal injury lawsuit to attain compensation from the person or people who were responsible for the crash
  • A private products liability lawsuit to get compensation from the company that manufactured an unsafe automotive product that caused the car fire

Pay Attention to Time Limits if You Decide to Take Legal Action in Milwaukee

As you can see, questions to determine sources of compensation after a car fire can quickly become complicated. To make matters more complicated, injury victims have a limited amount of time in which to decide whether to take legal action via a personal injury lawsuit.

Answers to Your Questions About Legal Action After a Car Fire

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