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For an Edge in Your Case, Consider a Proven Trial Consultant

In addition to building on more than three decades of widely recognized work as a trial lawyer in his own right, Wisconsin attorney and renowned consultant, Paul J. Scoptur actively teaches trial strategy and conducts focus groups. Trial lawyers nationwide have benefited from these services, recognizing the fundamental truth in Paul’s view that, “You don’t want to find out what 12 people think about your case on the first day of trial.”

A Leader and Innovator: Focus Groups, Case Planning and Trial Strategies

Focus groups and case planning are critical components of successful litigation, and Paul is available to help you make these techniques part of your approach. He can help you:

  • Test-run your discovery, witnesses and numerous other aspects of your overall trial strategy
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your case in order to re-frame your presentation
  • Improve your likelihood of success on behalf of your client

The Proof Is in the Reaction and the Results

Lawyers from Idaho to Illinois, California to Louisiana and elsewhere nationwide who have turned to Paul Scoptur as a trial consultant have enthusiastically recommended and endorsed his work, and many cite case successes of their own that they attribute to his leadership and participation in focus groups. Their reactions and statements have cited Paul’s ability to:

  • Unearth “land mines” in a complex case and overcome jury bias
  • Expose nuances related to damages, liability and other case components
  • Maximize the value of focus groups

Extensive, verbatim testimonials are available here.

Paul has consulted on cases that have produced in excess of $100,000,000 in recovery.

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The logo of Aiken & Scoptur the Wisconsin law firm of trial consultant Paul J. ScopturWhen discussing the services he provides other trial attorneys, Paul often points out that focus groups can be highly affordable, and they often make a meaningful difference in the outcome of a complex case. He will welcome your call and offer a clear, helpful assessment based on your specific case and objectives.

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