Are Wisconsin Drivers Rude?

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Are Wisconsin Drivers Rude?  If you happen to live in Wisconsin, you may already be aware of the propensity of Wisconsin drivers to steal your parking space, squeeze in front of you without using a signal, or flip you off when they are unhappy with your driving skills. A new survey done by Kars4Kids backed this up when they released a 2017 courteous driver survey. This survey found that Wisconsin drivers are among the rudest in the nation, ranking a dismal 46 on the courtesy scale.

In fact, overall, Wisconsin drivers received a grade of D- after drivers in the state were asked questions regarding merging in front of others in heavy traffic, how drivers reacted when being tailgated, the likelihood that your parking spot would be stolen by another driver, aggressiveness associated with slow driving, and whether drivers tend to speed up or slow down in order to let another driver pass.

Best and Worst Drivers in the United States

Wisconsin’s overall grade of D- was even lower in some areas. The Dairy State scored an F on stealing another driver’s parking spot, and an F on letting other drivers merge in front of them. In fact, the only good scores received by Wisconsin drivers was a B- for how they responded when being tailgated, and a respectable A for the use of blinkers. The state of Idaho was ranked the most polite state in the U.S., garnering the top score of A+ in every area, while New York Drivers came in last, receiving an F in every category.

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Impatient, Hurried Drivers Tend to Be More Aggressive

Surveys like this one highlight the fact that people from every state are sorely lacking in patience these days, and are in a hurry to get where they are going. Combining this lack of patience and hurry to get where they are going, the consensus is that drivers across the United States are simply not as nice as they once were, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has stated that at least one-third of all Wisconsin highway crashes are now attributable to aggressive driving behaviors.

For other drivers on the roadways, encountering an aggressive driver can be a frightening experience. Perhaps you have looked in your rearview mirror and seen another driver approaching you at an alarmingly high speed, or you have experienced the driver who swerves in and out of traffic with no indication where he or she is headed. The primary types of aggressive driving behaviors which can cause car accidents include:

  • Preventing other drivers from passing;
  • Tailgating other drivers;
  • Running red lights or traffic signs;
  • Erratically changing lanes, and
  • Driving at excessive speeds.

What to Do About Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving is broadly defined as any driver who commits a combination of traffic offenses, when, taken as a whole, endangers other property or persons. The Wisconsin DOT offers the following advice for those who encounter a rude or aggressive driver. The primary piece of advice is that you not give in to the temptation to teach the rude driver a “lesson,” and second, that you do your best to ignore an aggressive driver’s rude or obscene hand gestures or horn honking. Finally, do your best to avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver, and, if you can safely do so, report the aggressive driver to law enforcement.

Additional Information from the Survey

According to the Kars4Kids survey, the west is, overall, filled with the most courteous drivers, with the Midwest coming in second-best. Older drivers are more courteous than younger drivers, and women drivers tend to be nicer than men. In the end, no matter where you live, it is important that you remember you are sharing the roadways with other drivers, rather than faceless vehicles, and drive accordingly.

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