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A high percentage of burn injuries occur in the home. A burn may be caused by an accident, a defective consumer product, a gas leak, or the faulty installation of an appliance. A house fire may be limited to one area of the house or may be all-consuming. A house fire is an absolutely terrifying experience for all occupants of the house-and serious injuries or death often occur.

If you’ve been injured in a house fire, contact our offices today to see if you have a personal injury case to consider.

Educate Yourself About Preventing House Fires: If you are a new homeowner, contact your city or county public safety office for information on required and recommended steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of a fire in your home.

Common Causes of House Fires

House fires can be caused by any number of factors:

  • Clogged fireplaces
  • Damaged chimney flues
  • Gas leaks at appliances
  • Bad connectors between appliances and the gas main
  • Electrical fires

Obviously, house fires may also be caused by the house’s occupants. House fires are also commonly caused by leaving a stove or oven on or failing to properly extinguish a cigarette.

Financial Assistance After a House Fire

The first place most people turn to after a house fire is their homeowners insurance company. Depending on the cause of the fire and the specific clauses in the insurance policy, the homeowners insurance policy may provide financial compensation for property damage and for medical care.

In cases where the house fire was caused by faulty installation or maintenance of appliances, a personal injury lawsuit may be a viable option to obtaining financial compensation for property loss and medical bills, as well as helping with the victims’ future medical needs, which may require reconstructive surgery if severe scarring and disfigurement occurred.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., we can help you identify all potential sources of compensation following a house fire. We focus exclusively on representing individuals who have suffered serious personal injuries, and the family members who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident. We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients throughout the country who have been injured in house fires.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., our Milwaukee house fire lawyers are highly experienced handling all types of personal injury cases, including house fire injuries for victims and their families. Contact us today.

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