Natural Remedies for Burns


Nutrition for Burn Survivors

Eating well is an important part of short-term and long-term rehabilitation after a burn injury. You may receive excellent nutrition guidance from your burn unit health care team. You may also choose alternative or special diets, on the advice of a nutrition expert, to help you recover from a burn injury.

Some burn survivors face special nutritional requirements that result from the burn injury. Burn victims must pay special attention to remaining hydrated, in order to aid the healing process. Natural antioxidants are also an important part of a diet for burn survivors.

Most burn patients will be able to return to a normal calorie intake when they leave the hospital. Some patients will be advised to maintain a heightened protein intake, if areas of skin are still healing. To ensure sufficient intake of protein, the patient may be advised to eat one or two extra servings of meat or dairy products per day, or to drink one or two fortified food replacement drinks, like Boost or Ensure.

Natural Remedies for Burn Injuries

In addition to nutrition, there are natural remedies, especially for skin care. Full-thickness third-degree burn sites and grafted skin do not have sweat or oil glands. In these areas of skin the entire natural skin moisturizing process is diminished or destroyed. Burn survivors will need to find skin moisturizer and emollient products that work for their individual needs. Medicated products are available, and many burn survivors use natural skin care sources-the most popular being the aloe vera plant.

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