Pain Relief for Burns

Pain management strategies begin immediately in the case of moderate to severe burns. Patients will be in serious pain due to the burn itself and also due to the necessary surgical treatment of the burn area, which is often extraordinarily painful.

Pain management may be a long-term project for survivors of serious burn injuries. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your health care team about the level of pain you are in. After a serious burn injury, pain can be severe over a long period of time. Managing the pain will help you focus on other aspects of your recovery.

Pain management includes traditional sources like narcotic and analgesic pain medications. Burn patients who are prescribed narcotic pain control medication over a long period of time are susceptible to substance abuse or narcotics addiction.

Nontraditional pain management includes using relaxation therapies during painful surgical procedures. In some burn centers, doctors are providing patients with the option of playing video games or accessing virtual reality environments during surgical procedures. Some research shows that pain reactions decrease when a burn patient’s concentration is directed elsewhere during the wound cleaning or other surgical procedure.

Keep Good Records: Your doctors should keep a careful record of the pain management strategies used in your care. This record will provide clues about how your body responds to different pain control techniques. A strong record is also important for victims of burns caused by another person’s careless or intentional actions. In such cases, the burn survivor’s legal advocate will use these medical records to build a case to win compensation for pain and suffering.

Scar Management for Burn Survivors

The primary goal of scar management for burn survivors is to minimize scarring and prevent scars from having a negative impact on the patient’s bodily functions or self-image.

Common therapies used to minimize scarring include wearing pressure garments like pressure gloves or pressure stockings. These medical devices are worn throughout the day, often over a long period of time. They work by creating counter pressure in the burn area, which helps prevent raised scar tissue from forming.

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