Chemical Burn Injuries

When the skin comes into unprotected contact with strong chemicals, a chemical burn injury can result. Although the burn is different in nature than a thermal burn, the resulting injury will be treated similarly to other burns. When alkaline or acidic chemicals come into contact with the skin, second-degree and third-degree burns can result. Inhalation injuries are also common in chemical burn incidents.

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Causes of Chemical Burns: In the House and On the Job

Unprotected skin contact with many household products can cause chemical burns or inhalation injuries. Also, improper mixing of household chemicals can cause a chemical reaction that will cause a burn injury.

Household products that are frequent culprits of chemical burns include:

  • Drain cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Paint thinner
  • Car and ATV batteries

Chemical burns are also a relatively common result from industrial accidents or unsafe working conditions, especially in construction projects. Some of the liquid concrete products used by highway construction crews can cause chemical burns if workers do not wear adequate safety equipment.

Financial Assistance After a Chemical Burn

Depending on the circumstances of the chemical burn incident, the victim may have access to several different sources of financial compensation to help with medical costs and lost wages. The burn survivor and family should explore all potential avenues of financial assistance, including workers’ compensation, government benefits programs, and a private personal injury lawsuit.

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