Inhalation Injuries


Inhalation: Invisible Burn Injuries
That Can Cause Serious Damage or Death

A burn injury can cause damage beyond the layers of skin tissue and even tendons or muscle. Serious industrial accidents, chemical accidents and fires can result in inhalation injuries that cause permanent damage to the airways, lungs, brain or other vital organs, or worse, can cause death.

Diagnosis of Smoke Inhalation Injury: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) that respond to house and apartment fires or other fires may focus their immediate treatment on victims with more apparent injuries, such as burn injuries that have affected the many layers of skin tissue or that cover a significant percentage of the total body surface area. Symptoms of smoke inhalation and other inhalation injuries often are overlooked until it is too late. According to statistics, 60 to 80 percent of fire-related fatalities are the result of smoke inhalation.

Our inhalation injury lawyers can help you with injuries resulting from:

  • Heat inhalation: The hot air exuded in an explosion or other fire can cause burn damage to the nostrils or upper airways. Far more damaging is the smoke that is carried by the hot air.
  • Smoke inhalation: Smoke that is inhaled in a fire cuts off oxygen to the brain and the body’s blood supply. Smoke inhalation can cause brain injury, carbon monoxide poisoning or cyanide poisoning.
  • Chemical inhalation: Inhalation of toxic chemicals – whether from chemical exposure in an industrial accident or from toxins carried by the hot air in a fire – causes oxygen deprivation that can result in brain damage or death.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., our attorneys are highly experienced handling Milwaukee inhalation injury cases for victims and their families. With over 30 years practicing exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death representation, our lawyers have the knowledge, skill and determination to help clients recover the compensation they are entitled.

If you have additional questions about your inhalation injuries or burn injuries, or if you would like to learn more about your right to compensation, we encourage you to contact us and discuss your situation with an experienced burn injury attorney.

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