Five Smart Steps to Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim

In our decades of practicing personal injury law, we have been asked numerous times whether there are any secrets to maximizing the amount one recovers in a lawsuit following a car accident or other incident. There are certainly important steps that must be taken to recover the maximum amount possible, but we hesitate to call them secrets.

The most important steps to maximize recovery should be common knowledge to any attorney who has extensive experience representing injured individuals. The key to that statement, however, is that it is common knowledge to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Someone who is not a lawyer — or a lawyer who only dabbles in personal injury law — is less able to maximize the amount that an injured party recovers in a personal injury lawsuit. At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., in Milwaukee, we strongly believe that advising someone to hire a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following an injury accident is not self-serving. It is sound advice that serves the injured party’s best interests.

That’s why we have placed it at the top of our list of five critical steps to maximize your recovery following an injury accident.

1. Work With an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Injured parties often fear that if they hire an attorney, too much of the money they recover will go to the attorney. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they will take a percentage of the amount that you recover from an insurance company.

Without an attorney in your corner, the insurance company representatives who work on these cases every day will have an advantage. When you hire our firm, we share your objective of putting more money in your pocket than you likely will recover without our assistance. In most cases, we accomplish this even after our fee is paid.

2. Do Not Speak With Insurance Adjusters Without Legal Representation

Misstatements and missteps early in the process can seriously damage your case. Insurance adjusters know this and are on the lookout for statements or information that will work to their benefit. By enlisting our services immediately after you are injured, we will communicate with insurance company representatives on your behalf. We provide only the information they have a right to know. We also work with medical professionals to make sure you receive the treatment you need and to obtain the detailed reports that will support your case.

3. Begin Your Treatment Immediately and Follow All Medical Orders

Communicate openly with all medical providers and follow their treatment carefully and fully from start to finish. It is important to report every pain and symptom you are experiencing no matter how trivial it may seem. An injury may not feel significant enough to mention initially, but become a serious problem later. If you are unsatisfied with how your injuries are being treated, or if you feel your doctor is ignoring an injury, speak with your attorney about it. Do not stop any medical treatment without medical approval or before speaking to your lawyer.

4. Keep Detailed Records

Write down as much information as you can about your accident as soon as possible. If you are able to take pictures at the accident scene, do so. If there are witnesses, get their names and contact information. Enlist the help of friends to get photographs of your injuries. Keep a personal diary about your medical treatment, as well as any pain and physical limitations you are suffering. If your injuries prevent you from working, record how many work days you miss. More information, not less, will benefit your case. Check with your attorney before sharing any information with anyone else, including medical professionals.

5. Be Truthful

Be honest from start to finish. Do not get in the mindset that you have to exaggerate information about your injuries or cover something up in order to be successful. If it is revealed during the course of your case that you have misrepresented any of the facts, it could irreversibly damage the outcome.

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