School Bus Accident Attorney in Milwaukee

While thankfully rare in comparison to other types of motor vehicle accidents, crashes involving school buses can cause serious injuries and tragic fatalities. The involvement of government entities, special traffic laws pertaining to school buses and complex liability issues make it essential to work with an experienced, trial-proven lawyer as you consider a personal injury claim and possible litigation to recover damages.

Whether you or a family member has been injured in a collision with a school bus, or your child has suffered injuries while riding the bus, we encourage you to contact our Milwaukee school bus accident attorneys at Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., for a thorough evaluation of your rights and legal options.

Skill and Knowledge Gained Through Decades of Complex Litigation in Wisconsin

Leveraging decades of experience in high-value personal injury and wrongful death litigation, our Wisconsin school bus accident lawyers are prepared to thoroughly investigate any injury-causing crash. We are versed in the many relevant issues that may arise, including:

  • Negligence or recklessness on the part of a school bus driver, whether related to drunk driving, driver distraction or other dangerous behavior
  • The school district or other responsible party’s hiring and training practices for bus drivers
  • Fault and liability on the part of a passenger vehicle driver, trucker or other driver who may have caused a school bus accident
  • The complexities of different types of insurance coverage that may apply, as well as special requirements governing claims against government entities including Wisconsin school districts

Legal Guidance and Advocacy for Injured Drivers, Passengers and Bus Riders

While those most likely to be injured in a school bus accident are the driver and passengers of the other vehicle involved, severe injuries to children on the bus can also occur — especially in situations where the bus rolls over, leaves the road, or collides with a comparably sized vehicle such as an 18-wheeler. Our deep, extensive litigation experience makes our firm an outstanding resource for families coping with the unique, often lifelong considerations associated with catastrophic childhood injuries.

If a school bus accident has caused injuries to you or a family member — or you are grieving a school bus fatality — please request a free consultation with our attorneys as soon as possible. Contact our attorneys at (414) 914-2803.

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