Drunk Driving Increases During the Holiday Season

woman at holiday party toasting champagne flutes | Drunk Driving Increases During the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and while the holiday season is one meant to be a festive, joyous time, spent with loved ones, drinking and driving can put a damper on the festivities. During the period of a few days prior to Christmas and New Year’s Day, a full 40 percent of traffic deaths can be attributed to alcohol. This number is 12 percent higher over the rest of the days in the month of December. The increase in parties during the month of December, as well as more days off from work for most employees, means that drunk driving increases during the holiday season, and that increase leads to more auto accidents, and more auto accident fatalities.

Although some of those who drink and drive are the same ones who do so on a regular basis, more often, people who do not typically drink and drive (therefore have a lower tolerance for alcohol) are the ones who are on the road after having too much to drink. These are the people who truly may not realize they have had too much to drink. They are also the people who are unlikely to have ever been in legal trouble before, therefore may not really know how to get the help they need. The increased number of those who drink and drive is combined with more hazardous winter road conditions in many places during the month of December, and when taken together, a recipe for disaster results.

Avoiding Drinking and Driving During the Holidays

Even if you do not live in an area where cabs are plentiful, the advent of Uber and Lyft ensures those who did not make plans for a designated driver can still attend holiday parties, enjoy themselves, and be returned home without creating danger for other on the roadways. Whenever possible, just assume you will have something to drink at the party, and make arrangements to get a ride home. While some people believe tracking the number of drinks they consume is just as good a plan, it is important to remember that the “one drink an hour” rule is not always reliable as it depends on food consumed, hydration, individual metabolism and body weight.

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The Most Dangerous Days of the Holidays

Surprisingly, Blackout Wednesday—the day before Thanksgiving— happens to be one of the biggest drinking days of the year. With the combination of a large number of travelers on the roadways to visit loved ones for holidays, students out for college break heading home for Thanksgiving, and teenagers out visiting their friends, Blackout Wednesday has even more DUI fatalities than New Year’s Eve. Traffic accidents surrounding the Thanksgiving weekend—including Blackout Wednesday and Black Friday—account for more than 400 traffic fatalities every year.  

Christmas Day, on the other hand does not typically generate more impaired drivers on the roadways, as more people are at home. Christmas Eve, on the other hand, shows a 33 percent increase in traffic stops related to impairment. This increase is probably due to those who overindulge at their office party or the parties of friends. New Year’s Eve more than makes up for the fewer DUI-related accidents on Christmas. More than 42 percent of all car crashes on New Year’s Eve are alcohol-related.

When New Year’s Eve does not fall on a weekend, there tends to be a lower number of alcohol-related accidents. Finally, teenagers—who are already notorious for their lack of driving skills and their poor judgment in drinking and driving—are also out in greater numbers during the holidays, making it that much more likely for a drinking and driving accident to occur. If you find yourself being charged with DUI during the holiday season—or any other time—the best thing you can do for your future is to immediately contact an experienced Colorado DUI attorney.

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