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Abuse in nursing homes can take the form of physical assault, emotional neglect, and financial exploitation. At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our nursing home fraud attorneys will protect your loved one if they have been taken advantage of by a nursing home staff member or resident.

Nursing homes are often entrusted to manage the money of their residents. In turn, they must provide the residents access to bank accounts, related records, and cash as needed. Additionally, nursing homes must protect the resident finances in their control by purchasing a bond.

Many times, nursing home residents bring their most prized possessions with them to the home. While sentimental in nature, many items also have a great deal of value. Nursing homes should maintain high levels of security for these valuables, such as a safe or a locked cabinet in the resident’s room.

Elderly residents who have a great deal of financial assets are often targets for exploitation. Staff members may have trouble making ends meet. Other residents may be envious of a certain item. These factors can lead to the financial exploitation of your loved one. If you suspect your family member has been financially exploited, you should notify the nursing home and the police immediately.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., our nursing home abuse attorneys can handle all aspects of the civil suit and monitor any criminal investigation as well. Your loved one has a right to be protected from financial exploitation. Nursing homes should monitor their staff and residents at all times, and provide a safe, secure environment for their residents and their property.

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