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senior woman in black sweater and pink shirt looking out the window | Milwaukee Nursing Home Sexual Abuse AttorneyAbuse takes many forms within a nursing home facility. At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., the goal of our Milwaukee nursing home sexual abuse attorneys is to ensure that your loved one lives in a facility where they are safe from abuse and assault.

Unfortunately, resident to resident sexual assault occurs in many nursing homes across the country. The psychological effect of these attacks on the victims is far-reaching. Unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate touching by one nursing home resident to another is never acceptable. Nursing home residents with severe metal retardation and physical handicaps are often the victims because of their limited mobility and ability to communicate.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., our nursing home abuse attorneys recognize that while the staff may not be the ones committing the assault actions, they are still responsible for monitoring resident actions and creating a safe, protected environment. If the nursing home has been negligent in its duty to supervise residents, our attorneys can pursue action against the facility for its failure to protect your loved one from sexual abuse.

Many nursing homes are understaffed, and the staff they have may not be qualified to provide the residents the care they need and deserve. But these short-comings are no excuse for allowing elder abuse and sexual assault to occur within these facilities. Failure to monitor the activities of all of the residents and follow up on any suspicions or allegations of abuse is a violation of the trust families place in nursing homes to care for their loved ones.

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