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Bedsores often result when an elderly or other immobile patient is not regularly repositioned in their bed. These sores are difficult to treat and can be painful. If a nursing home staff is doing its job properly, bedsores should not be at issue for most residents.

At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., in Milwaukee, our attorneys can help you pursue a legal claim if a loved one develops bedsores.

While bedsores, also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, can occur due to a prolonged time confined in bed, they can also be a sign of abuse or neglect. Some are caused by skin surfaces rubbing together, incontinence, exposure to moisture, diabetes or pulmonary diseases. Other pressure sores are caused by inattentive and uncaring staff members not doing their job to care for your loved one.

The Fallout Can Be Serious

While many pressure ulcers start off as minor irritations, others may become infected, leading to illness and sometimes death. In general, active patients are not as susceptible to bedsores. Residents who are severely disabled or ill and confined to bed must be monitored by nursing home staff more closely to prevent the ulcers from developing.

If bedsores develop, the staff member who notices it must notify medical personnel and begin a course of treatment. An untreated bedsore will only get larger and more severe, increasing the chances for infection and other complications.

Simply ensuring that bed-ridden residents in nursing homes are repositioned regularly and kept in a dry bed are two easy ways to protect them from bedsores. When these simple measures are not taken and your loved one develops pressure ulcers, we can help you recover compensation.

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