Important Tips on How You Can Winter-Proof Your Car

cars on the road in a snow storm | Important Tips on How You Can Winter-Proof Your Car

Fall is in full swing across the country. Yet before the first snowflake falls, you should take the necessary winter precautions. Start prepping your vehicle now for the winter season and you could avoid serious and life-threatening accidents or situations. The steps you take now will have a significant impact on your ability to handle winter weather on the roadways.

The National Safety Council studies have shown that since 2009, there has been an increase in the number of traffic fatalities and injuries during the winter months. Even if you are only traveling a few miles down the road, the steps you take now can have a significant impact on your ability to avoid accidents and stay out of harm’s way. Following are some important tips on how you can winter-proof your car:

Steps to Take to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winterize Your Vehicle: this is one of the first steps you should take to reduce the risk of a serious accident or breakdown in inclement weather. Winterizing your vehicle should include:

  • Tires – put all weather tires or winter tires on your car before the winter begins. Ensure that there is enough tread left on your tires and if not, then consider replacing them now before the winter begins. How can you tell if your tires need to be replaced? Take the Penny Challenge. Place a penny inside of the tread with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, then it means you have less that 2/32 in. of tread left on your tire and it should be replaced. All tires should be rotated and balanced.
  • Test Lights – now is the time to test all of your lights on your car. Test your brake lights, your headlights, your turn signals and reverse lights. Make sure that all lights are changed properly.
  • Fluid Levels – check fluid levels, such as battery fluid, brake fluid, coolant, oil, and any transmission fluid. Now is also the time to replace any worn out windshield wiper blades.

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Daily Safety Checks: once the winter weather hits, there are things you can do each and every day to ensure your safety.

  • Remove snow and ice – before moving your car or driving, clear off any snow and ice from your windows, side mirrors, and car. If your car has sensors, be sure to keep those clean too and remove snow from your backup camera.
  • Plan your route – be sure you know where you are going before you start to drive. Turn on voice navigation so that you do not have to take your eyes off of the road during bad weather.
  • Check the forecast – before you head out, be sure you are not driving into a snowstorm or ice storm. If at all possible, try to avoid driving during bad weather and stay home if you can. Roadways can become very dangerous during ice storms and heavy snowfalls.
  • Don’t drink and drive – when the weather is bad, consider avoiding all alcohol before driving. Even if you are not legally intoxicated, any amount of alcohol could make it more difficult to drive safely.

Make Safety a Priority: preparing for the unexpected is part of staying safe during winter months.

  • Pack an emergency kit – your emergency kit should contain everything you need to survive an accident or a breakdown in winter weather. In addition to a fully stocked first aid kit, consider putting jumper cables, tow straps, a small shovel, kitty litter, flashlights, and a blanket in your car. Ice scrapers, water, and snacks are also a good idea.
  • Have a roadside assistance plan– in an emergency, such as a flat tire or a breakdown, a roadside assistance program can be a lifesaver. Carry your plan’s phone number on you at all times and know how to contact them in case of an emergency.

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