Firework safety is important, especially around the July 4th holiday. Below are some tips for safe firework use, along with some interesting statistics.



Firework injuries are most common around July 4th.  In fact, on average, 280 people a day go to the emergency room with firework related injuries during this short time frame.

In 2017, 53% of all injuries were burns.  The most common injuries were to the hands and fingers, head, face and ears, and the eyes.  Read more here.  

Firework injuries are common.  It is clear from the statistics that most of these injuries occur during the lighting of, or just after, the firework.  Thus, it is important that you take safety precautions when lighting off fireworks and keep children far enough away to prevent injury.



It is important for firework safety that you obey all laws.  Further it is important that you read the instructions on the fireworks carefully.


Here are some other safety tips:

  • A responsible adult SHOULD supervise all firework activities.  Never give fireworks to children.
  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.  Save your alcohol for after the show.
  • Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks.
  • Light one firework at a time and then quickly move away.
  • Use fireworks OUTDOORS in a clear area; away from buildings and vehicles.
  • Never relight a “dud” firework.  Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Always have a bucket of water and charged water hose nearby.
  • Never carry fireworks in your POCKET or shoot them into METAL or GLASS containers.
  • Do not experiment with homemade fireworks.
  • Dispose of spent fireworks by wetting them down and place in a metal trash can away from any building or combustible materials until the next day.

(List provided by National Council on Fireworks Safety.)


In conclusion, firework safety is extremely important when handling fireworks.  You should follow all the applicable laws.  All safety warnings on fireworks should be read carefully before use.  Wear safety glasses, and do not mix alcohol use with firework use.

Overall, the most important thing is keeping everyone safe so that injuries do not occur.  No one wants to be one of the 280 people a day visiting the emergency room around the July 4th holiday for burn or other injuries due to unsafe use of fireworks.

Now, stay safe and enjoy the 4th of July!

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