Improperly Loaded Trucks Often Spell Disaster

A trucking company has one main goal: to deliver the greatest amount of cargo in the shortest amount of time. This means higher profits for the trucking company – but it also means higher trucking accidents and injuries as well. As trucking companies attempt to maximize their profits, they often overload trucks or improperly load them putting them at an increased risk for tipping over in a high speed accident.

Overloaded Trucks are Dangerous

An overloaded truck is a danger to everyone who shares the road. While each state governs the legal load limits for trucks, they are also subject to the federal Department of Transportation load limits as well. Loads which exceed the weight must obtain special permits and use caution warnings.

Improperly Loaded Trucks are Dangerous

Yet some trucks meet the legal weight requirements but are still dangerous due to improper loading. When inexperienced truck drivers or loading companies load trucks improperly, the result can be an off-balance vehicle, making it more likely to get into a serious accident. Tanker trucks, for example, that are only half full can be dangerous. As they ride on the road and turn corners, the fuel can slosh back and forth, creating a dangerous situation. This upsets the normal center of the gravity on the truck and a fatal accident can occur.

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Unsecured Loads are Dangerous

Unsecured loads are another story entirely. An unsecured load can fly off of the back of a truck and into oncoming traffic. Or it can shift and move around the truck, causing the truck to overturn. In 2012, a Government Accountability Office study   found that they were more than 51,000 accidents caused by unsecured loans and resulting road debris.  These accidents resulted in 10,000 injuries and more than 440 deaths. Innocent drivers have been injured and killed when unsecured cargo lands on the road in front of them or smashes into their windshield.

Federal regulations require cargo to be secured according to specific rules. There are specific rules and requirements for heavy cargo such as concrete pipes, heavy machinery, or hazardous material.

When a trucking accident causes your injury or the death of a loved one it is important to speak to experienced trucking accident attorney immediately.  There’re many numerous parties responsible for your accident including the shipping company, the loading company, a truck driver, and even the trucking company. In many cases, multiple parties may share the responsibility. Your trucking accident attorney will investigate your unique case closely and determine who is ultimately responsible for your accident and your injuries.

When representing you, your attorney will need to gather evidence to prove liability. Attorney will need logbooks, as well as other information such as the black box and shipping company inventory.  During the investigation the trucking company will likely have a large team of attorneys on their side. These attorneys will attempt to build a case that is designed to reduce the trucking company’s liability and ultimately your compensation.  As such you need an experienced trucking accident attorney representing you from the start.

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