Car Dealers Can Lie. We Handle Dealer Misrepresentation.

“Detroit has made an art form out of delay and deception when dealing with owners of problematic vehicles. Pass the buck, wear the customer down, knock the customer out – it’s all part of the game. And it all starts with the dealer.”

From “Bring on Goliath: Lemon Law Justice in America,” by Vince Megna

Car dealers may lie. Often.

They do it because it allows them to sell vehicles that wouldn’t normally be sold at a price that wouldn’t normally be deemed acceptable to the buyer. Fortunately for the customer, this practice – though common – is illegal. If a car dealer lied to sell you something you didn’t want, we can help.

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Dealer Misrepresentation: Common Lies Dealers Tell

Any modern vehicle is a complex piece of machinery. As such, there are countless ways for a dealer to misrepresent the truth to make you believe a car is worth your hard earned money. Here are some of the more common dealer misrepresentations:

  • “This used car only had one owner.” Usually, that owner is a cautious old man who owned it for 10 years but put less than 90,000 miles on it. Don’t believe everything you hear.
  • “The miles are actual.” Odometer tampering still occurs today.
  • “This car was never in an accident.” It was.

If you find out your dealer lied to you, your case will be strengthened significantly if you have proof of the lie: get it in writing or on tape, or bring a witness with you to the dealership and see if you can get them to repeat it.

“It’s amazing how differently big corporations treat you when you have an extremely competent and professional law firm representing you.” – Client Testimonial

Unauthorized Repairs

Dealers and mechanics frequently make unauthorized repairs on cars. Wisconsin law requires that repair shops give you a written estimate for any repair over $50. If a repair shop fails to give you an estimate or performs repairs that you neither authorized nor agreed to pay for, then they can’t charge you for the repairs, and if they do, you have a right to a refund and attorney fees. We can help.

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