How Lemon Law Protects You

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If you bought a lemon, only a lawyer can help you fully enforce your right to a full refund (and maybe more). Call (414) 914-2803 or contact us online for a free consultation with Lemon Law attorney Vince Megna.

Anyone who buys a defective vehicle has a number of options for legal recourse. Consumer protection laws – also known as Lemon Laws – force auto manufacturers to buy back motor vehicles that have defects that can’t be repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

Of course, most major auto manufacturers prefer to pretend that these laws don’t exist. They know that most consumers don’t know their rights well enough to enforce them. They mislead their customers and sometimes even outright lie. If you know your rights, the lie won’t work.

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How to Tell if Your Car Is a Lemon

If your vehicle has a problem that the dealer has not been able to fix in four repair attempts, and that problem substantially impairs the use, value or safety of your vehicle, then you are probably on your way to owning a “lemon.”

If the manufacturer refuses to buy back your car, you can take them to court to force them to buy back your car, pay damages which can be doubled and also reimburse you for attorneys’ fees.

Do You Have a Claim? Talk with a Lawyer to Find Out.

Keep in mind, the above is a simplified description. If your car is giving you trouble of any sort and the dealer can’t seem to fix it, or refuses to fix it like the warranty says, you may have a case. The best way to find out is to speak with a lawyer directly. Call (414) 914-2803 or contact our offices online to schedule a free initial consultation with attorney Megna.


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