In Lemon Law, You Don’t Pay Attorneys’ Fees if You Win

As a complement to the above statement, lawyers usually don’t take lemon law cases unless they’re 99 percent sure they will win. If you bought a car and it turned out to be defective, you have every reason to hire an attorney and take the manufacturer to court if they refuse to offer a fair settlement.

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Why Are Attorneys’ Fees Important?

Attorney fees in contested Lemon Law cases can be very high – sometimes more than the value of the defective vehicle. Without attorney fee shifting provisions, which require the manufacturer to pay the consumer’s legal fees, consumers could not afford the cost of justice.

However, once automakers are forced to pay $25,000 in attorneys’ fees over a $20,000 vehicle dispute, they become more motivated to settle these claims in a reasonable fashion.

When Are You Eligible to Recover Attorneys’ Fees?

If you make a valid demand under the Wisconsin Lemon Law, the manufacturer has 30 days to provide relief. That usually means a refund or a replacement of your defective vehicle, and the choice is yours.

If the manufacturer doesn’t meet the 30-day deadline, you can file a lawsuit against them. At that time, you will be eligible to receive double damages, in addition to reimbursement for attorneys’ fees. Amazingly, only about 35-40 percent of these claims are resolved within the 30 day time period. Automakers could save a lot of money if they would only do the right thing.

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