Milwaukee Lemon Law Verdicts and Settlements

Minocqua plumber experienced a loss of power steering assist in parking lot maneuvers with his 2007 GMC ¾ ton. A General Motors Technical Service Bulletin claimed the steering condition was a normal characteristic of the vehicle. Jury awarded verdict for plaintiff: $120,800, plus all attorney fees paid by GM.

Dodge Viper owner blew out rear end five times when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Chrysler replaced rear end several times and then refused further repairs alleging owner abuse. Owner filed suit claiming Viper was defective. Jury verdict for plaintiff: $195,000, plus Chrysler paid all attorney fees.

2002 Audi TT Coupe with high performance tires developed transmission slipping problems. Client requested a comparable vehicle under Wisconsin lemon law. Audi agreed that vehicle was a lemon and offered a replacement vehicle – but with all season tires. Client rejected offer because proposed vehicle did not have high performance tires. Jury said Audi Coupe with all season tires was NOT comparable to Audi Coupe with high performance tires. Judgment for $109,000, plus Audi paid all attorney fees.

Ford claimed that customer was experiencing an engine surge in his Ford Explorer because he was stepping on the brake AND gas pedal at the same time. In fact, the engine surged intermittently when driver stepped on brake pedal only. Jury issued verdict for plaintiff in the sum of $47,000, plus Ford paid all attorney fees.

Cadillac owner experienced a starting/cranking problem with his 1997 DeVille. Car in seven times during the warranty period, but the starting problem was not repaired. After the warranty expired, another dealer fixed the problem – charging only $196. A Magnuson-Moss notice to General Motors seeking damages was sent timely. GM offered a $1,000 owner loyalty certificate in settlement. Offer was rejected. Jury verdict for $127,183, plus GM paid all attorney fees and the owner kept his Cadillac.

$15,000 Ducati motorcycle was out of service for 115 days due to stalling condition. Client sent Lemon Law Notice seeking replacement cycle. Ducati did not respond. Lawsuit was filed and client recovered $30,599, plus Ducati paid all attorney fees.

Business owner bought 2006 International dump truck for $91,000. Truck immediately developed a shifting problem and spent more than 30 days in the shop for repairs within the first year. Client sent notice asking manufacturer to replace the dump truck. Manufacturer did not respond. Suit was filed and case settled for $153,000, plus International paid all attorney fees.

Kia Sephia was in the shop 11 times for engine problems – fault codes, defective wiring, fuel pump recalls, improperly machined fly wheel. Kia offered the owner $1,131.72. Suit was filed and Kia paid the owner $27,288, plus all attorney fees.

Intensive care nurse experienced alignment/pulling concern with $18,000 Ford Probe. Dealership attempted five unsuccessful repairs. Ford blamed Wisconsin winters and pot holes for knocking car out of alignment. Jury rendered verdict for plaintiff: $41,500, plus Ford paid all attorney fees.

Commercial airline pilot experienced “wah-wah” type drive train noise with Jeep Grand Cherokee purchased for $29,637. Chrysler denied lemon law relief and took the case to trial arguing that wah-wah noise was minor. Jury found substantial impairment and rendered verdict for plaintiff: $73,000, plus Chrysler paid attorney fees.
Client paid $29,000 for new 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee that developed cruise control problems. Jeep was taken in five times for repair during the first year. Client requested buyback, but Chrysler said, “it was not appropriate to offer a repurchase.” Suit was filed and case settled for $43,000, plus Chrysler paid all attorney fees.
The speedometer in client’s 2005 Dodge Caravan would sometimes jump from 50 mph to 120 mph and then stick. Dealer tried to repair this speedometer defect five times during the first year and seven times thereafter. Chrysler offered only an apology in response to lemon law demand. Lawsuit was filed and within four months Chrysler paid our client $53,539 for her $23,969 Caravan, plus all attorney fees.

Client paid $51,000 for 2006 F150 that had transmission problems and a bad vibration. The truck was in the shop 50 days during the first year, yet Ford denied request for lemon law relief. Suit was filed and case settled for $74,000, plus Ford paid all attorney fees.

Our client’s Chevy Cavalier had a dash rattle. The dealer installed insulation, wrapped the steering column with foam tape and lubricated the dash fittings. Nothing worked. After 10 repair visits, our client was told that, “creaking panels are characteristic of Cavaliers.” We filed suit and forced a buyback, plus GM paid all attorney fees.

Nursing school graduate had constant radio static in new Pontiac Grand AM. The dealer added ground wire, installed filters, changed antennas and replaced radios. Still, the static was louder than the music. Our client was told that “General Motors can’t buy back cars for every little thing.” We sued. GM issued a full refund and paid all attorney fees.

$20,000 Dodge Ram misfired, used oil and knocked. At 5,000 miles Chrysler replaced the engine. Six weeks later the knocking came back. The Ram was in the shop 54 days during the first year of ownership. Chrysler did not respond to our client’s request for lemon law relief. A lawsuit was filed and the case settled for $35,000, plus Chrysler paid all attorney fees.


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