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Washington Post – King of Lemon Laws

Associated Press – Supreme Court Upholds Lemon Law

USA Today – Lemon Law Lawyer Declares Victory Over Tesla

An Interview with Vince Megna, The Lemon Law King of Wisconsin

The Detroit Bureau – Vince Megna Scores Win Over Tesla

Fox News – Tesla Settles Lemon Lawsuit

Adjust Your Focus Early – American Association For Justice, January 2016

Need Medical Records for Your Case? Get Them Quicker, at Lower Rates

Agency Sets Standards for Black Boxes in Cars

Beware of Sign and Settle Lawyers

Fatal Boating Accident Highlights Importance of Safety Precautions

New Study Stresses the Dangers of Texting While Driving

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a “Settlement Mill”

Defective Toys: Definitely Not Child’s Play

Do Pedestrians Really Have the Right of Way?

Lemon Law Claims Survive Chrysler Bankruptcy

Wisconsin Moves Closer to Banning Texting While Driving

Boxing in Witnesses

Newsletter Revised

Toy Hazard Recalls

Toy Related Deaths

High Rate of Drunken Driving in Wisconsin Raises Concerns

Motorcycle Crash Deaths in Wisconsin Increase

Wisconsin Amusement Park Ride Severely Injures Girl

Bringing Claims Against Negligent Truck Drivers in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Engineer’s Text-Blocking Device Aims to Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents

Mental Exercise Can Improve Safety for Older Drivers

Antipsychotic Drugs and the False Claims Act: Drug Makers Face Charges

AAA Seeks to Improve Licensing Standards for Wisconsin Teen Drivers

Rule Changes Seek to Prevent Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Fatigue

Ride of Silence Promotes Bicycle Safety While Honoring Accident Victims

Federal Reforms and Incentives May Improve Wisconsin Nursing Home Care

Companies Create Policies to Control Distracted Driving Among Employees

Drunk Driving Penalty Disparities Affect Wisconsin Road Safety

Antidepressants Increase the Risks of Falls in Nursing Home Patients

Commercial Truckers Face Economic Pressures That Cause Safety Concerns

Costs of Traffic Congestion Outweighed By Economic Toll of Crashes

IIHS Encourages States to Adopt New Ignition Interlock Device Policies

GHSA Study Reveals Safety Measures Do Not Reduce Speed-Related Deaths

Press Release

NHTSA Proposes Truck Safety Enhancements

State Supreme Court Addresses Consumer Responsibility in Lemon Law Ruling

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